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Construct - Sebastian Zel
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commission info:

Construct was commissioned by NYC/Long Island-based percussion collective Cisum Percussion, directed by Nicholas Hall. Premiered at Scholes St. Studio on 10/6/17 as part of Cisum's "Composing for Percussion" workshop.

program note:

Construct (pronounced conSTRUCT, as in “to construct”) is a work for percussion trio originally commissioned by Cisum Percussion. The work is based on the literal process of constructing a building, inspired by frequent construction of massive proportions, particularly based on the idea that the structures and layers that are most essential to making a building stand on its own and serve i’s purpose as a building are most often rendered completely imperceptible to the building’s inhabitants and to passer-bys - Only the building’s outermost layer, the most polished and decorative layer is perceptible, and the structure’s character is based on this perception and largely overlooks the countless other forces holding it together and giving it it’s defining structural characteristics.

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