Concert Music

in it & out of


Soprano, Trombone, Piano, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Live Electronics (1 performer)

commission info:

"in it & out of" was comissioned by the 2018 Nief-Norf summer festival, and was premiered on July 22nd, 2018, during Sebastian's composer fellowship with the festival in Knoxville, TN.

program note:

"in it & out of" is a work based on text from Yaz Lancaster's poem "clocks". The text makes observations about various phenomena in the natural world, and the ways in which our relationships to them are influenced by the passage of time. Similarly, "in it & out of" is built primarily of four consecutive miniatures, one for each of the phenomena described in the text. The entire sequence miniatures is bookended by flash-forward and flash-back versions of itself, contextualizing each texture and its handling of the passage of time with that of the others, realizing the text’s observation of phenomena moving “in” and “out” of time.




the sky broken by

the moon in the afternoon

an early lantern


it goes [un]noticed

the love of weeds cleaved from earth

that grow back & back


again     the silence

that fills spaces between then

& now & with/out


time cannot bend back

or [un]turn grapes into wine

            no fires [un]stolen


somewhere lava: a field [un]raveling

its green [un]dressed suddenly & [re]turned

slowly things settled & [un]settled by time:

in it & out of


     -   Yaz Lancaster

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