Concert Music

Jungle Pocket


Djembe, 4 Percussionists

commission info:

Jungle Pocket is a work for five percussionists written in 2015, commissioned by the NYU Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Jonathan Haas. It was premiered in October of 2015 in NYU's Frederick Lowe Theatre.

program note:

Jungle Pocket (2015) is a one-movement work for five percussionists, inspired by two vastly different percussion traditions: that of North Indian classical music, and that of American jazz. While these two musical traditions developed almost completely independently of each other, both share a focus on improvisation in structured context, and Jungle Pocket seeks to harness the feeling of perpetual motion and development that come from improvisation in a direction. While instrumentation utilizes neither Tabla nor Drumset, each of Jungle Pocket’s two sections zeroes in on an instrumental soundworld of one of the traditions, the first focusing on the earthy sounds of hand drums, while the second focuses on the metallic resonances of cymbals. Each section, however, always maintains some amount of sonic influence from the soundworld of the other, and the piece as a whole simply seeks to serve as a vessel for rhythmic energy.

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