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Recent Projects:

La Piel De Ayer

premiered May 1, 2019 on HBO

directed by Andrew Garcia


A young widower struggles to support his grandmother and his daughter after the devastation Hurricane Maria has caused them. He sets out to find clean water to help his family survive.

Winner, Miami International Film Festival 2019

  • Best Director

  • Best Actor

Selected - Chicago Film Festival

"Arguably the strongest element of ‘La Pier De Ayer’, Sebastian Zel’s score is an incredible accompaniment to this tale of life and loss. It is present in practically all scenes, but never overpowers the narrative."

full soundtrack available on all major streaming platforms

A Place In Between (Public- Dir. Selin Bonfil)

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 9.57.28 PM.png

(Trailer Coming Soon)

Maya, a woman in her early 40's has to host a dinner for her husband's friends, and in this process convince her teenage daughter to behave accordingly. When realizing that the dinner is turning into a disaster, and pushed to an edge by her daughter's behavior, she has a nervous breakdown, questioning the necessity and validity of the ideals she lives by.

Winner, AI Film Festival (Iran)

  • Best Film by a Woman Director

Original Music by Sebastian Zel, featuring performances by Anthony Ferrara (saxophone, clarinet) and Yuuji Mitsuta (piano).

Upcoming Projects:

Knightman (currently in production, anticipated release Fall 2019) - Dir. Jun Sekiya

Knightman is about one such person, a knight who is in dire need of reigning in his inner-Frodo. After being dumped in New York without explanation, he feels abandoned and cheated out of his happy ending. When he meets a young woman who looks past his kooky costume, he believes he’s found his happy ending, and moves heaven and earth to make their love happen." - Jun Sekiya

Original Music by Sebastian Zel

(crowdfunding trailer, not scored by Sebastian)

Past Projects:

Hollow Bodies (2016) - Dir. Andrew Garcia

Synopsis: A stream-of-consciousness account of a man that attempts to reconnect with his niece during the aftermath of a crisis.


Directed/Written/Edited: Andrew Garcia Produced: Sahtia Rivers Starring: Cardiff Gerhardt, Mitzi Akaha, Nicole Russack

Music: Sebastian Zel

Executive Produced: Jason Perlzweig, Mariana Cruz, Robin Jacobs

Rap Game (2017) - Starr Street Media Comedy Sketch

A comedy sketch created by Starr Street Media, a Brooklyn-based production company involved in productions of comedy sketches, music videos, online editorial and other media content.

Starring: Mike Doaga, Anthony Holiday, and Derrick Gallegos.

Line Producer/Assistant Director: Derrick Gallegos Writer/Director/Cinematographer: Jean Franco

Music: Sebastian Zel

Starr Street Media's website

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